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Meet the Designer

We are all beautiful people, quirks or not. Let me help you stand out in the crowd with a statement look
every time you step up and step out !!!


Ann Marie

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The Kokobeenz story

Kokobeenz is a type of acronym that describes the women who takes pride in how she presents herself to the world. For women of class and charisma who thrives in the spotlight and enjoys all eyes on her.

KOKO is short for the Kokobeenz woman creative and fashionable.

B in BEENZ is for her beautiful qualities

E is for her energetic personality

E is for her effortless sense of style

N is for her natural talents

Z is for zest her feeling for enjoyment and enthusiasm for life


These are all the qualities combined in making up the Kokobeenz woman

Kokobeenz core values

Our first priority is to serve and bring value to our customer making them satisfied through;

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Kokobeenz Mission

To help our clients to customize and design that one-of-kind piece that has all the details and style that she hand-picked to make her look and feel her best on that special day.

Kokobeenz promise to produce your clothing with the highest quality fibers, yarns and trimmings including that one special ingredient, your unique style inspired by your true aesthetics. Finally presenting to you a master piece that you will love over and over again.

Kokobeenz Vision

To make every woman feel their best by giving her the opportunity to design clothing that suits her style and aesthetics giving her a sense of self.

kokobeenz promises to continually support and build women through their style while giving her the confidence she needs to strive in the spotlight and enjoy all eyes on her every time she steps up and steps out.