About Us

At Kokobeenz, we want to foster a future where people will not be afraid of being bold and elegant at the same time. We want to fulfill the requirements and exceed the expectations of our customers. We want to give you the luxury of choosing an outfit and not being afraid of how it will look once you put it on.

We believe in following our hearts and nothing is better than making a fashion statement. For the longest time, we have invested our resources into producing a catalog that our customer base will appreciate and love.

We are expanding our business throughout the globe and plan on reaching even the minutest corners of the world. We have hired a team of professionals that spend day and night coming up with ideas and enacting imaginations into reality, one that our customers will love to wear.

Mission statement

Kokobeenz has a mission statement that it intends on following in order to grow. If you are purchasing from us, then here are a few promises that we would like to make with you and trust us when we say, we plan on keeping them.

  • We promise to treat you ethically no matter what time of the day it is!
  • We will deliver to you whatever has been promised without compromising the quality of the product even one bit.
  • At Kokobeenz, we promise to come up with clothing by combining impeccable craftsmanship and haute couture while keeping the practicality and wearability of Caribbean designs in mind.
  • We assure you that the quality of our outfits will be topnotch and the prices will be market competitive.
  • We plan on using all the profits that we attain for a more viable future.

What are we offering?

If you are thinking that what is it that we are offering in our catalog then here is everything you need to know about.

At Kokobeenz, we want to introduce versatile designs that are practical and comfortable for our customers to wear. We are also offering custom design clothes so if there is a design you have in mind then share with us and we will bring it to life.

We make use of sustainable fibers that will be long lasting. The materials that are vastly available with us are cotton, linen, jute, bamboo and so on.

Here are a few types of clothes that we have available with us,

  • Pants – men & women
  • Tops – women
  • Shirts – men
  • Tropical clothing
  • Hippy clothing
  • Lounge wear

You can also share your own fun clothing ideas for vacations with us and we will see what we can do about it.

Why choose us?

We know how Caribbean fashion is of high-street value and there are a few tycoons that have already made a name for themselves then why would you choose us?

Kokobeenz is guided through a set of principles that we would like to follow, things that define our brand.

Femininity – At Kokobeenz, we strive relentlessly to create a style that is distinctive and aesthetic at the same time. We follow the idea of sophistication in a ladylike manner and that is what the core value of our brand is.

Bold elegance – At Kokobeenz, we ensure that our designs portray a modern bold style, one that makes a statement for the one that puts it on.

Romance – At Kokobeenz, we are proud of coming up with styles that are infused with mystery, fantasy, romanticized dream and extravagance.

Colourful Caribbean Flair – At Kokobeenz, we believe in following and adapting to our ethnicity. We want to reflect the Jamaican and Caribbean spirit into our clothing which is why you will see smart use of similar elements in all our outfits.